Certified Survey Map

Certified Survey Maps must follow the technical requirements of Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 236.34 and be prepared by a registered land surveyor. Applications shall be made in duplicate as required by the City, Town and or County Clerk.

All Certified Survey Map applications must show correctly on its face the following information:

  • All existing buildings, watercourses, drainage ditches, and other features pertinent to proper land division.

  • Setbacks or building lines required by the City, Town Plan Commission or other Town or County Ordinances.

  • Utility and drainage easements.

  • All lands dedicated for public use or reserved for future acquisition.

  • Date of the Certified Survey Map Graphic scale and north point.

  • Name and address of the owner, subdivider and surveyor.

  • Location of soil boring and soil percolation tests conducted in accordance with Section H65.06 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The results of such test shall be submitted along with the Certified Survey Map.

  • All proposed streets, roads or highways within 300 feet of the boundaries of the parcels created by the minor land division.

  • The new parcels created including all lands owned by the subdivider or applicant lying within the one-quarter(s) of the U.S. Public Land Survey one-quarter section(s) in which the minor land division is located and including proper survey ties to the quarter corners as set forth in Sections set forth by the City, Town and or County Codes.